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This is the page where I'll describe myself in more detail.

Okay, if you must know, I'm 7 years old and I am a white cat with tabby markings (you would already know this had you visited my photo albums) my occupation is to make sure I'm fed on time, have a constant supply of new toys, am brushed on a regular basis and to keep the house in order which general means keeping pandy in line and making sure fur face doesn't eat her food.

I was born in Sydney where I was dumped as a kitten and rescued by the cat protection society. This is where my person found me, I still remember that day clearly, she was walking past all the cages trying to choose a kitten, I knew with all the choices my chances would be slim, I had to act and fast. As she walked past my cage I cried at the top of my lungs and stuck my tiny paws out, she came closer to look at me and I wrapped my arms aroung her hand, she didn't need to see the other kittens, my plan had worked!

We lived in Sydney for a while then we moved to Western Australia, my person soon found a mate who luckily is a cat person too otherwise my person would have to find a new mate.



Getting ready for my showdown with furface.

It's hard being a cat.

A picture of me at work, practicing what I do best...kick a**se.

Favorite Stuff




Chasing fur face

Dine cat food

Sucking on my toes



Felix the cat (mmmm)

Tom and jerry

Cheese cubes

Warm milk

Dried liver

Cat nip.

Cat grass.

Balls of wool (what cat doesn't?)

My least favorite things.

Hello kitty (what a diva!)

Black and gold cat food.

Little people.


Leapord print collars (tacky tacky)



Bad Habits


Leaving hair throughout the house.

Chucking on the carpet.

Fussy with food.

Grunting upon landing from large heghts.