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Here are some pictures of pandy and fur face.


Pandy, when she first arrived.

This is pandy, my adopted sister. She was tiny when she first arrived and quiet easy to manipulate, now she's learnt from me, she looks sweet but don't be fooled by her appearance, she's an expert at leaving sneaky poo in hard to find places and boy do they stink!


Pandy dreaming

Peace and quiet at last! I was very tempted to jump her in this vulnerable state but instead I just stole her food, you should have seen the look on her little face when she woke up to see it gone, priceless! (don't worry, our people made sure she got more food, much to my dissapointment)


Fur face (aka nassa)

Here is what started all my problems, my life was pretty good before she arrived. I just don't see the attraction to such a creature, she's smelly, noisy, clumsy, she drooles and those big ears make her look like dumbo with an eating disorder....eek, as I said, makes me want to chuck my whiskers big time!



I almost lost my whiskers when I saw this one, Never in my entire life have I ever seen such a silly photo. 'My what big feet you have',  'All the better to stomp on your toys with my dear'   pffffffft