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Pictures of me posing (BBC stands for big beautiful cat, incase you were wondering)


Pose 1

This is the first of my BBC poses. I find it hard in a world where thin is beautiful but have come to accept my body as it is, Garfeild for example was quiet stocky and look how popular he was, a heap more than his skinny litte sidekick oddy. It makes it hard when your people give you nicknames such as chubba bubba, fatty bon, wombat and fatty catty.


Pose 2

Note how relaxed I look in this photo? These were taken a while before fur face showed up and changed my life forever. These days I'm constantly on the look out for I never know what fur face will subject me to next.


Pose 3

This is the last photo in my BBC series, as you can see I was asleep by this stage. I'm not fit by any means of the word and that's just how I like it.