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My true motives

The real reason I started this site. 

The time has come to confess my real reason for starting this site, everything i have written about here is true, my struggle with fur face and my love for my sister pandy, i would also love to go on vacation and truly don't like little people heheh.
i started this site because my people live in a remote part of Australia, so remote infact that they have to drive nearly four hours to go shopping every couple of weeks. They rely on their car and so do i because without it life out here would be unbearable, a cat needs treats too! also, when they are out shopping, they always take fur face which gives pandy and i some quality time alone (it's a sister bonding thing).
The problem is, their fourwheel drive is on it's last legs, it has a fuel leak, a hole in the muffler, no aircon, the glove box is closed with duct tape and the passenger door doesn't close properly (the male person accidently reversed into a bin while the door was open) the door needs an extra shove to close and is okay most of the time but openes by it's self sometimes which can be dangerous when the car is moving.
Simply, they need a new fourwheel drive, something that can handle the terrain out here and will last a long time, something reliable. I can see they have been upset about this problem and that they can't afford one on their own so I started this site in the hope that maybe I could raise some money for their new car.
I'm hoping to raise around $35,000 or so.
Thankyou for taking the time to read this and if you can't donate then i hope you enjoy my site which was also created to cause smiles ;).
bonnie cat


Pandy and I browsing the internet. Note how much bigger she is now? unfortionately she still acts like she did when she first arrived.

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