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Here are some of my favorite quotes.

With the qualities of cleanliness, affection, patience, dignity, and courage that cats have, how many of us, I ask you, would be capable of becoming cats? Fernand Mery
A meow massages the heart.
Stuart McMillan
There are few things in life more heartwarming than to be welcomed by a cat.
Tay Hohoff
"Even overweight, cats instinctively know the cardinal rule: when fat, arrange yourself in slim poses." 
John Weitz
"People that hate cats will come back as mice in their next life."
Faith Resnick
"There is the little matter of disposal of droppings in which the cat is far ahead of its rivals. The dog is somehow thrilled by what he or any of his friends have produced, hates to leave it, adores smelling it, and sometimes eats it...The cat covers it up if he can..."
Paul Gallico
"Of all domestic animals the cat is the most expressive. His face is capable of showing a wide range of expressions. His tail is a mirror of his mind. His gracefulness is surpassed only by his agility. And, along with all these, he has a sense of humor."
Walter Chandoha
"Everything a cat is and does physically is to me beautiful, lovely, stimulating, soothing, attractive and an enchantment."
Paul Gallico, from "An Honourable Cat"

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