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Here are some phot'o's of me.



If you thought people only got little people sizes wrong...guess again! I wanted sunglasses but I got a windscreen, just another reason to run away.


Christmas Woes

Yep, you guessed it, they made me wear this ridiculous hat all day and in return all I got was irritation caused by their stupid guests. 'aww what a cute widdle puddy tat!'  'Ow! she scratched me!!!' yeah, take that, now give me some turkey.


Dress Up's, Oh what fun!

The said 'She just look so adorable!' I thought, Is it even legal to dress cats in drag?'. Pandy liked this look a LOT, I worry about her sometimes. 


Cute Widdle Me

Despite my attitude towards many things, I too can look cute, especially when it works in my favour, this is a useful position for getting out of trouble.