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Welcome to my home page,
First let me introduce myself, my name is Bonnie aka Bonnie the Kat, i live in Australia with my two people, my adopted sister pandy bear (a small and somewhat annoying tabby) and recently Anassa the dog *shudder*
I am by no means a poster cat for beautiful, I am a moggy, I am also overweight and I don't like little people at all, I had a run in with one once who like to pull my tail and drag me across the floor, I soon showed her who was boss! needless to say, I haven't seen her around for a long time. I just can't tolerate being annoyed at all.
My people have always been good to me, nice food, cushy beds, interesting toys and plently of hugs, I crave attention and lap it up eagerly, when they brought my adopted sister home I was weary, she was younger and a lot cuter than I.....What if this was the end for me? Sure, I was piling on the kilo's, I had bad breath, my tummy dragged along the floor as I waddled around the house, but aren't cuddly cats supposed to be cute?
I despised her and all her cuteness and devised a plan to be rid of her once and for all. My fist plan of attack was to hurt her, effective and highly enjoyable!
I would lie in wait for her to bound past and Whammo! body slam her to the ground, you should have seen it, what a sight, there was nothing to be seen of her once under my bulk except a tiny paw, reaching for freedom, such a futile fight she put up, I could almost feel sorry for her.
Then, she stopped moving and I let out a cry of triumph, about to crack open a can of dine in celebration I felt a searing pain under my belly and leaped into the air, pandy, still underneith me had cruelly attatched herself to one of my nipples, her teeth firmly clamped in place, she was a sneaky little sob, perhaps that is why we are now good friends, sure, I still body slam her on occasion but it is good to remind her sometimes who is boss.
I even let her eat out of my bowl, I must be getting soft in my old age.
Not long after I got over the shock of my new sister sharing my home I was hit with another invasion, this time a big smelly, panting, drooling invasion, also known as a dog.
Nassa was everything I hate all packed in one big furry bundle. She smelt bad, she drooled, she stole my food when she thought I wasn't looking, she was noisy, she played with my toys and ruined them, she took my people away from me and somehow convinced pandy to be her friend! I was ropeable.
Just looking at the two play together was enought to make me chuck my Whiskers, how could pandy betray me so? us cats are meant to stick together but I'd been abandoned by my owners and my sister, sometimes life truly sucks.
I wallowed in self pity for a long time and found comfort in food thus adding and extra few kilo's to my already large bulk. I tried to think of ways to be rid of the dog but failed every time, she was too big, sure, I scratched her a few times, even got her eye once heheh, but the dumb mutt just keeps coming back for more.
What I needed was to leave home, run away and find somewhwere where I could relax for a while, where I could be pampered and where I could live in luxuary as a cat like me truly should and hopefully by the time I return I will have worked out another plan to sort out my life.
I have one problem though, money....How does a lone cat save enough money to travel far away from her problems?
That's when I heard about the latest craze sweeping the internet, Cyber begging, Sure, such antics are usually beneith me but these are desperate times, besides, I have had to beg for my food recently and to get my toys back from fur face so what's one step further?
That is why I started this site, to ask any kind souls out there if they will help a cat get back on her paws, restore a little dignity back into the mess that has become her life, I'm thinking of holidaying rottnest island for a while, I hear they have big rats there and who knows, maybe some eligable Toms too ;).

Please feel free to donate as little or as much as you can, every dollar counts and brings me, Bonnie cat, closer to her dream of a new life.


New Stuff

Here I will let you know when something has been updated or added, like you care!

Update - I have now added a page for odd ebay items. Found one that's not on there? contact me and if it is suitable for all ages to veiw I will put it up.